How It All Started

In 2008, a group of pilgrims returning from one stage of the Way of St. James agreed the journey had given them so much that they now wanted to give something back. This idea led to the founding of Ultreia, named for a popular pilgrim’s greeting and a song propelling one “onward and upward.”

Initially, our activities revolved mainly around providing information resources for pilgrims travelling to France and Spain. We also started issuing a pilgrim’s credential. With a growing number of resources on foreign routes, we started shifting our focus to Czech routes. We are a transit country with pilgrimage routes connecting to Poland, Germany, and Austria.

We maintain close ties with cities, municipalities, villages, and individual pilgrims, which has helped us in creating infrastructure making travel for the pilgrims as smooth as possible. Thanks to local volunteers, patrons of individual stages, we can provide up-to-date information on accommodation and food options. We also cooperate with local tourist centers to expand the number of places with access to travel guides and issuing credential stamps.

But above all, we simply love travelling on foot through the countryside. We organize pilgrim walks allowing us to get to know our beautiful country better. We love walking today as we did in Ultreia’s early days.

If you would like to support us, please check out the Donate section.

The association

This association was founded in order to support our activities. Ultreia z.s. is an open association of friends of St. James’ Way and travel on foot in general. Membership is open to anyone interested in pilgrims and pilgrimages.

Photos from the annual meeting of pilgrims 2019

Statutes (PDF - czech)
Application for a member of Ultreia, z.s.

Those interested in becoming a member of the association can download the application form in PDF format. After filling it out, please send it by post to our mailing address. Or use the option to send the signed and scanned application electronically to the address: Thank you

Please fill in Full member only if you want to actively work and participate in the association's annual meetings. Otherwise, fill in Affiliate Member.

Please send the annual membership fee of CZK 257 to our bank account 2400957011 / 2010, the In the message for the recipient, write Membership fee and your name.

Annual report for 2021 (PDF - czech)

Rozvaha za rok 2021 k zobrazení zde.
Výsledovka za rok 2021 zobrazení zde.
Výroční zpráva v PDF ke stažení zde.

Annual report for 2020 (PDF - czech)

Rozvaha za rok 2020 je k zobrazení zde.
Výsledovka za rok 2020 k zobrazení zde.
Výroční zpráva v PDF ke stažení zde.

Annual report for 2019 (PDF - czech)

Rozvaha za rok 2019 je k zobrazení zde.
Výsledovka za rok 2019 k zobrazení zde.
Výroční zpráva v PDF ke stažení zde.

Annual report for 2018 (PDF - czech)
Annual report for 2018 (PDF - english)

Lucie Luňáčková

Petr Hirsch

Olga Jankovcová
contact for questions regarding East Bohemian Way

Radka Taucová
contact for questions regarding Železná Way

Andrea Carvalho
contact for questions regarding The South Bohemian Way

Ladislav Milota
contact for questions regarding Zittau Way and Všeruby Way

Association auditor

David Kazda

Other contacts

Tomáš Jindřich
contact for questions regarding Moravian-Silesian Way

Pilgrim´s bed


Chairman's history

2008 - 2016

Jan Bím

  • 2x 7letý projekt, společně s Michalem Horažďovským (2005 - 2018),
  • z putování vznikla inspirace k založení spolku Ultreia,
  • nyní doprovázím na osobních poutí.

2016 - 2019

Olga Jankovcová

  • 2005 - 2012 účastnice sedmiletého projektu cesty do Santiaga de Compostela,
  • zakládající členka spolku Ultreia,
  • stálá členka výboru spolku ,gestor a autorka svatojakubské Východočeské trasy.

2019 - 2022

Tomáš Jindřich


Association Ultreia z.s. it is financed essentially mainly from pilgrims' money and donations from specific people. And partly from our mini electronic shop. Contributions from regional authorities, municipalities and other institutions are used for specific projects. (marking of the Ways of St. James, printing of leaflets, other promotional and informational materials and elements in the field)

Therefore, we ask you to participate in the financing of our association in the form of a donation.

Maybe you got some important information from us on this website. The minimum annual costs for website operation, graphic work, preparation of materials are more than 10,000 CZK. You can appreciate our work with a reasonable donation to our account:

Bank connection (FIO bank)

Account number: 2400957011 / 2010
IBAN: CZ15 2010 0000 0024 0095 7011
Variable number for donations: 999111999

Member´s contributions
Regular and associate members of the association pay an annual contribution of CZK 257. Write Membership contribution and your name in the message. Bank details are above.

Support by purchasing via an affiliate link


The affiliate link works on a referral commission basis. So, if you use the services / shop / through one of the above mentioned companies, if you click on the logo of the given company, you will be taken to the website and a "Special" code will be stored in the memory, which identifies that you came from our site. And if you make a purchase, we get a commission from it. It doesn't cost you anything extra and it will add some crowns to the federal coffers so that we can devote ourselves even more to the development of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic.

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