Zittau Stage 0

Stage 0. Zittau – Hrádek nad Nisou

From: Zittau – Main Train Station
To:  Hrádek nad Nisou – Main Square

Length: 8,7 km
Height profile: 125 m 122 m

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Route description

In case you have some spare time, you can start your pilgrimage from the nice medieval German town Zittau or ‘the Town of Seven Towers’. There you can also find a St. James’s church there from 1303 which was originally built as a hospital for lepers. The way then copies the Czech-German border till Hartau where you will enter the Czech territory. It is in Hartau where you can see the signpost explaining the Czech style of marking the way. From there it is just a short trip to Hrádek nad Nisou.

Points of interest

Zittau – important medieval town
Tripoint – a place where the Czech, German and Polish borders meet
Hartau – border crossing point with a signpost explaining the logic of Czech marking of the way