Zittau Stage 2

Stage 2. Kryštofovo Údolí (Christoph´s Valley) – Český Dub (Czech Oaktree)

From:  Kryštofovo Údolí (Christoph´s Valley)
To: Český Dub (Czech Oaktree)

Length: 18,8 km
Height profile: 412m 466 m

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Route description

Kryštofovo údolí (Christoph´s Valley) is a gem of peasant architecture of Sudeten type. You can see here half-timbered houses, wooden church with a bell tower and a Baroque vicarage. A pleasant experience is a nice café in the style of First Republic or a museum of folk Nativity Scenes. The village offers number of accommodation and refreshment.

Continue by sharp climbing up the hill following the green mark and take a road at Kříž v Novině to Křižanské saddle. If you want to see the unique metal viaduct, leave Kryštofovo údolí via road. Ascending to Křižanské valley is challenging so do not forget to have enough water with you. In the saddle, you can decide to take an alternative route through Ještěd. The main route descends
on the yellow mark where after 0,5 km you will find a spring in the woods with drinkable water. The yellow mark will then take you around Matoušova skála (Matouš´s Rock), Pruský kříž (Prussian Cross) and Jeřmaňská skála (Jeřmaň Rock), through Rozstání on blue mark to the village Kotel where you will find beautiful ancient linden trees. You can take your lunch in Hoření Paseky where there is also a pleasant lido.

Close to natural site Čertova zeď (Devil´s wall) change back to yellow mark and let it take you through the woods to Český Dub (Czech Oaktree).

Points of Interest

Kryštofovo Údolí – Wooden Church of St. Christophos
Kryštofovo Údolí – viaduct

Český Dub – Saint John Commandery